CRM & System Training

Siebel, Oracle, BI, Dynamics

We have several years’ experience with the full CRM (Siebel, Oracle on demand, BI and Dynamics) training life cycle from training needs analysis to delivery, training evaluation and measuring learning retention.


We have project managed the training, designed and written training material, produced clear quick reference guides which end users can easily follow.


We have trained in classrooms, one to one and over meetingplace and designed training evaluation and user learning retention forms. We have experience, working with Marketing, Call Centre’s, Sales teams, and field service teams.We feel bespoke training delivers a true understanding of the business and the business processes.


During the classroom hands on training sessions we cover bespoke scenarios to make the training meaningful. The scenario based training explains the Who, What, When, Where Why and How.


  • Who needs to complete the process and which other departments it effects.

  • What needs to be done to support the business process

  • When - the frequency of the task

  • Where the process is completed (IT system or other manual process)

  • Why the process is important

  • How it effects the business and how the process is completed