Why Corporate Wellness?

Some of the biggest challenges that company’s face is the health of their workforce. Nowadays, the average age of a production worker is 40 – 45 years old and with a rise in non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cholesterol and Heart Disease, employers face many more health challenges than they did 10 years ago. You need employees who are healthy, resilient, motivated, focused and who take less time off for sickness or stress which is why you need an integrated Wellness Programme that will deliver both short and long-term results.

Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd believe that whilst stand-alone events or lunch-time talks are a great step forward, only a thoroughly researched and designed Wellness campaign that is branded and marketed to the workforce will really deliver long-term benefits to both the organisation and its employee’s, where key ROI information can be attained and the success of the campaign be determined.


ROI – we understand that this is one of the biggest challenges to any manager, executive or CEO who is looking to set up a Wellness Programme. Demonstrating return on investment is going to be key to the long term success of any project but according to Mars (the confectionary company) their Corporate Wellness Programme delivers between $2 and $18 per person per month based on the level of each individual and their value to the company.


Corporate Wellness & Events Ltd are experts in helping organisations to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity whilst at the same time saving the organisation for direct and in-direct costs.


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