Board Breaking

Our Board Breaking events are extremely popular, especially to "kick-off" a day of activities or training.  Board Breaking is the ultimate confirmation of your ability to overcome your fears of change or attempting the impossible.


Our Board Breaking instructor is a highly skilled master of martial arts who will lead your teams through a series of martial art movements and teach them the correct technique to perform the break.


Once your team is ready, they will be asked to write their challenge or fear on the board and with lots of energy and enthusiasm from their colleagues they will perform the break.


The wood we use is a special theatrical type of soft-wood which is designed to break, there is minimal risk of injury and all safety equipment including gloves are provided. 


Delegates may keep the board as a souvenir and if you ask nicely our Master Instructor will perform a 6 or 8 board break to end the session.  


We can also perform fire breaks, (where the wood is on fire) should you need an impressive end to the day.


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